Saturday 2021-08-14 Tesoro Tourn. (FS/Frosh) Tesoro 8:00/8:00PM
Saturday 2021-08-14 Newport Harbor Tourn. (JV) Newport Harbor 8:00PM
Tuesday 2021-08-17 Tesoro (FS/JV/Var) San Clemente 5:00/5:00/6:15PM
Thursday 8/19 Laguna Beach (FS/JV/Var) Laguna Beach 4:30/4:30/5:45PM
Fri/Sat 8/20,21 Tesoro Tourn. (Var) Tesoro 3:00/8:00PM
Saturday 2021-08-21 Newport Harbor Trn. (FS/Frosh) Newport Harbor 8:00/8:00PM
Tuesday 2021-08-24 Foothill (FS/JV/Var) Foothill 5:00/5:00/6:15PM
Thursday 2021-08-26 Los Alamitos (FS/JV/Var) San Clemente 5:00/5:00/6:15PM
Fri/Sat 8/27,28 CA Challenge Tourn. (Var) La Costa Canyon 3:00/8:00PM
Saturday 2021-08-28 Tesoro Tourn. (JV) Tesoro 8:00PM
Tuesday 2021-08-31 Newport Harbor (FS/JV/Var) Newport Harbor 4:30/4:30/5:45PM
Thursday 2021-09-02 Corona del Mar (FS/JV/Var) San Clemente 5:00/5:00/6:15PM
Tuesday 2021-09-07 Edison (FS/JV/Var) San Clemente 5:00/5:00/6:15PM
Thursday 2021-09-09 Mission Viejo (FS/JV/Var) Mission Viejo 5:00/5:00/6:15PM
Fri/Sat 9/10,11 Dave Mohs Tourn. (Var) Edison 3:00/8:00PM
Tuesday 2021-09-14 *Trabuco Hills (FS/JV/Var) Trabuco Hills 5:00/5:00/6:15PM
Wednesday 2021-09-15 Beckman (FS/JV/Var) San Clemente 5:00/6:15PM
Saturday 2021-09-18 Dave Mohs Tourn. (JV) Edison 8:00PM
Tuesday 2021-09-21 *San Juan Hills (FS/JV/Var) San Juan Hills 5:00/5:00/6:15PM
Thursday 2021-09-23 *Dana Hills (FS/JV/Var) San Clemente 5:00/5:00/6:15PM
Saturday 2021-09-25 Dave Mohs Tourn. (FS) Edison 8:00PM
Tuesday 2021-09-28 *Aliso Niguel (FS/JV/Var) Aliso Niguel 5:00/5:00/6:15PM
Thursday 2021-09-30 *Trabuco Hills (FS/JV/Var) San Clemente 5:00/5:00/6:15PM
Saturday 2021-10-02 Portola Tourn. (Frosh) Portola 8:00PM
Thursday 2021-10-07 *San Juan Hills (FS/JV/Var) San Clemente 5:00/5:00/6:15PM
Monday 2021-10-11 *Dana Hills (FS/JV/Var) Dana Hills 3:30/4:45/6:00PM
Wednesday 2021-10-13 *Aliso Niguel (FS/JV/Var) San Clemente 5:00/5:00/6:15PM
All levels play at same site.
Varsity plays 20 minutes after the end of the JV match
Rev: 6/8/21
Varsity CIF-SS Playoffs: 10/22, 10/24, 10/26, 10/30, 11/2, 11/9 Varsity CIF State Playoffs: 11/12-11/23