Beach Volleyball Rosters 2020

POSTED BY Triton Girls Volleyball February 8, 2020 in
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2020 SCHS Girls Beach Volleyball Rosters

Below are the current rosters for the 2020 beach volleyball season. Please remember that competition remains open and all athletes will have an opportunity to compete! Also, partnerships are also subject to changes. Please consider this to be a starting point for the first week of competition, and teams may go up and down based on performance. We are very excited to see these AMAZING teams in action!

All competitors, please make sure you have one representative at the parent meeting this Monday Feb 10 at 6pm in Coach Swenson’s classroom (P-15). We will have important information about the league and spirit wear!

Abigail Brown
Ella Brown
Isabelle Comes
Lily Dwinell
Hannah Hillis
Kelsey Ostrander
Ava Schmitt
Kate Wade
Caitlin Wilford
Julia Wilson

Varsity Alternates:
Tessa VanWinkle, Abby Stewart, Faith Stewart

Emma Blaine
Haley Brown
Riley Brown
Ryan Coughlin
Kiana Dand
Rory Gaynor
Satine Harvey
Ella Scott
Amanda Tolosa
Reese Torticill

Kylee Brotherton
Sosie Casteel
Audrey Fowler
Carly Hoffmeister
Ella Jobst
Sophia Keefe
Claudia Mains
Ashley Marquis
Kamryn Martin
Kaitlyn Tuttle

JV Alternates:
Lauren Bravo
Adelaide Brislen
Kate Dunbar
Emily Ellinger
Lexi Elliott
Madison Farley
Maddison Finnerty
Hallie Hemnes
Chloe Mills
Kaitlyn Noyes
Mia Owens
Gabby Pena
Sophia Piantka
Michaela Pometto
Sydney Schulman
Sophia Wigglesworth